Looking for print invoice option in invoce system

I am looking for print invoice option in system along with other option like (download pdf , send email) etc.
Is it possible once user create invoice and click on save it will ask for print to , so user can print invoice and it save as it usually do… if you can send me piece of code that achieve this , will be grateful to you…

Thanks in advance

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in my installation if I click on download pdf it will not download anything, it will open my browser and I can print it from there (or download)

are you sure you need a print button?

@FooLab , Thanks for your message … yeah i need print button . as well as if you can help to open popup of print once user click on save button after create invoice… i want user to print on one click , as you stated in that case user need two click , first on save and then save as pdf/print … what i was thinking is on one click it save the data and open popup for print or direct print (will rename save button with print)

Thanks in advance.