Lists Limits


First, thanks for your work!, is great news find a fusioninvoice opensource fork active!

I have some questions, I hope you can help me.

  1. In all queries, you are using a LIMIT of 15 results x page. From where I can change this? I need change this for the invoices list in particular.

  2. When I select Clients -> View clients -> Click on any customer -> Invoices tab, I get a list of invoices for this customer, limited to 20 entries. There is any way to change this limit? Because I loss information when I access invoices directly from there (and there is no pagination).

Thats all!

And again, thanks for all!

  1. You can only change this in the source code. An option in the settings is planned.
  2. Same as 1) and a pagination is planned.

Added to the repo: