Learning more about MyISAM vs InnoDB

More or less curious as to why the database design is utilizing MyISAM vs InnoDB?

Is it for the table-locking? Is it due to most use-cases will require more read-only queries and thus MyISAM is faster?

Any input would be appreciated as i’m trying to learn more about the data side of things.


The database scheme was created by Jesse Terry, the original author of the software. So I can’t tell you what his intention was. It will not be changed to prevent any type of issues with existing installations.

I gotcha!

Yea, there isn’t a necessity to change it. Was just curious. I’ve actually converted an install completely to InnoDB and have begun working on making it relational. Works fine as InnoDB on my side. Thanks for the response though! Probably going to try getting more involved with contributing to this project soon. If you have something small on your list i’d be interested.

Well there’s a lot to do: https://development.invoiceplane.com/projects/IP/issues