Item total in invoices get mad

since I’ve updated IP to 1.4.3, I perform a weird issue on invoices (only).
If I create a new invoice, or if I use a quote to create a new invoice, everything is fine.
But, if I update the invoice a second time, all the item totals are saved to 1$ or 2$ (depending on what the first number of total is). For example, if I put a total of 1180$, it becomes at the second save 1$.
It also happens if I add a payment to an invoice. The total of the invoice changes when I add the payement (even if I do it from payement page - not from invoice page).
That’s very very confusing for my invoice management on the day to day.
Can you please help me to solve this issue?

Browser: Chrome Mac (last release)
Server: Litespeed / Mysql
IP: didn’t changed the theme (only pdf theme)