Item TAX name and rate don't show up on the invoice

The template contains this code for invoice taxes:

<?php foreach ($invoice_tax_rates as $invoice_tax_rate) : ?> <?php echo $invoice_tax_rate->invoice_tax_rate_name . ' ' . $invoice_tax_rate->invoice_tax_rate_percent; ?>% <?php echo format_currency($invoice_tax_rate->invoice_tax_rate_amount); ?> <?php endforeach ?>

But there’s no such code for item based taxes. Sometimes different tax rates are applied for different items on the same invoice

I too would like to know how to display different item tax rates on the same invoice.

For example, Item A is sold to customer at my shop in City A at 5% sales tax rate

Item B is sold to same customer, at their house, in City B at 6% sales tax rate

Invoice should show separate item tax for Item A and Item B

The invoiceplane software allows me to select different tax rates for different items while creating the invoice, but when the PDF is generated, it adds all the tax together without displaying the individual item tax applied to each item.

You can add item tax rate to your views. Edit this file for the public view


Add this:

<th><?php echo lang('item_tax'); ?></th>

After this line:

<th><?php echo lang('price'); ?></th>

Then add this:

 <td class="td-amount amount"><span name="item_tax_total"></span></td>

After this line:

<td class="td-amount amount"><span name="subtotal"></span></td>

You can make the same changes to the PDF templates as well.

This seems to be related to bug #IP-129.