Is there a Public Roadmap?

Is there any place to see the roadmap, with previsions of next releases and features that will be included?

But I’m working very hard on the new website, a new wiki and to bring more structure into the project.

Is there any way to colaborate with the v2?

Sure. Just check out the repo at Github:
If you want i can add you to the Gitter Developers chat and add you to the Dev group here so you can share your ideas and we can organize our work.

But at the moment we are just planning because Laravel 5 (base for v2) is not out yet.

Many thanks. Unfortunatelly I’m not a developer though I’m used to collaborate with some opensource projects, but just as project manager, validator or translator.
Anyway in my company we can add some resources to the project (as developers).

You may join anyway :smile: We don’t just talk about code. And if you have experience as project manager, then I’d like to talk a bit :slight_smile:

For now, there’s the Github wiki. Kovah is working on a custom wiki tough.

It will be a pleasure giving my experience to this project. Anytime, just let me know the tools. :smile:

Is gnacho also your Github name? If not I could need it.

Yes, I just created a github account with “gnacho” username.

You now have to register here: (with Github)
@miquel_cabanas You’re invited, too :wink:

@gnacho You asked, I delivered:

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That’s great!!
Seems to be a long way until v2 tho.
Anyway, I’ll wait until Feature Tracker is released to suggest features.
For a long term, I think should be great to consider:

  • Companies (own)
  • Users and roles (on each company)
  • Expenses module
  • Project module, tasks (with time tracker?, tickets?), integration with expenses (per project) and customer portal
  • Improve Reports
  • Many small improvements here and there…

It’s exciting to see this project growing up. Many thanks for the hard work!!

@gnacho do you have an idea for a feature tracker we could use? I described the problem here: Ideas needed! A new feature requests tracker

About your ideas: some of them are planned for the moment but something like time tracking or tickets are maybe a little bit too heavy for the start. But as we want to implement a plugin / module system this could be done as an add-on.

I’ll take a look to the link.

I know the features can look “too much”, anyway they’re just some ideas.

I forgot to mention CRM module. Could be difficult, but actually is not so. Just link all quotations, actions and extra fields to each customer. We have many examples of software to “take a look”.

Anyway, as you said, all the “extra” features can be planned as plugins whenever the rest of the points are goaled.

Don’t know it’s the right place for posting ideas… I find generating invoices, quotes or reports only as PDF is kinda annoying. It would be great to view the final invoice or other PDF documents through the browser as HTML before download it as PDF.

The whole reports thing will be rewritten for InvoicePlane 2.

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