Invoices automatically sets to status Paid when saving

Sometimes when I create an invoice, the invoice status automatically changes to Paid. This means I can’t delete the invoice. This happend sometimes a few times in a row.
I have manually set the status to Draft by changing the database record.

Also sometimes if I add some rows in my invoice, the price is not getting updated while the Ammount and Price are filled in.

Problem still occurs sometimes. Stil don’t know why. I am not the one using the Invoiceplane but my client does. He also doesn’t know why this happens.

Is it possible you are saving it with a zero total balance?


I have reproduced the bug now.

This is the scenario:
-Open a new invoice
-Add one or more rows with price 0,00
-Add one or more rows with a price like 10,00
-Save the invoice(status default on Draft)
-Invoice saved, status changed to Paid

The invoice status changes to Paid and is not modifiable anymore.

I think it happens when you add the first row with a zero value price. The next time you add a new product row, I think the invoice gets saved with a zero price.

I had the same problem but I noticed that it had e-mailed the invoice and then it was read only. I fixed this be removing the e-mail address in the client config. I then recreated the invoice and only when it was correct did I add the e-mail adress. Any new clients and invoices are all good after that.

My workaround now is modify the invoice status by changing the record in the database.

Do I have to report this bug somewhere or are the developers reading this?