InvoicePlane v1.4.0 released

A new release of the InvoicePlane application is available: v1.4.0
You can download the latest version from the InvoicePlane website.

Update Guide | Changelog

These are some of the features that are included in this version:

Long awaited: Discounts!

You are now able to add discounts to your quotes and invoices. At the moment you can add a discount amount for items and an overall discount amount or percentage for the whole invoice / quote.

Email Attachments

Another feature many users wanted is the option to add attachments to emails. With this feature you are also able to disable the automatic attachment of the invoice PDF.

The Invoice Archive

From now on all generated invoice PDFs will be saved in an archive folder and can be accessed from the new menu point. This archive will make sure that, if you change client details after the invoice was sent, you can access the old invoice with the old details.

Change the client after the invoice / quote was generated

If you entered the wrong client on invoice generation you can now change the client while the quote or invoice is in draft mode.

And a lot of other improvements and some bugfixes.


Thank you Kovah. I will try it at the Weekend and report you any issue or bug, if i find one.

First: The Folder ‘/uploads/customer_files’ doesn’t exist. It is marked as an error by the upgrade process. I created it.
Second: After upgrading vom lastest to newest version, i get this error: "Unable to load the requested language file: language/German/custom_lang.php"
It is an empty file in the other languages folder, so i took the one from lang/english.
Third: Under “Aktualisierungen” the link from the 1.4 Update links to the 1.3.2 Announement. (Just ja small thing)

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New installation ok.
When I create a new user as guest (read only) I get the error “Country is a required field”.
Actually I cannot enter the Country field (I can only enter the Country for administrator users).
Thank you
Best regards

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Great work since the latest release.

Will be fixed in 1.4.1