InvoicePlane v1.3.0 released

A new release of the InvoicePlane application is available: v1.3.0
You can download the latest version from the InvoicePlane website.

The complete list of changes can be found in the Changelog.

:bangbang: Caution :bangbang:

After updating please follow this guide to fix a problem with password handling, otherwise all PDF files will be protected by a password!

Support for HTML and CSS in Email templates

Finally! You can use HTML and CSS in Email templates. For easier formatting you can use the built-in editor. If you are already familiar with HTML and CSS you can edit the template directly in the source-code mode.

:warning: Upgrading from a previous version?

If you upgrade from a previous version please check the email templates before sending any emails because the update may cause formatting issues.

Redesign of the Dashboard

Maybe you already noticed the new dashboard on our website. If not, feel free to take a look here.

Set a custom payment method for the invoice

If you want to set a payment method directly in the invoice you are now able to. The payment method will be automatically set if you enter the payment and can’t be changed later.
This new feature will be extended in the future so you can set custom expenses for payment methods which will be placed on the invoice by default then.

Secure PDF files with passwords

Working for the government, invoicing for a highly confidential project or just want to make sure nobody than your client can read the invoice PDFs? Then secure the PDFs with a password which can be set globally in the settings or per invoice directly on the invoice.

Set the number of items in lists

Don’t want to click trough pages when searching for an invoice? Then increase the number of quotes or invoices displayed on overview lists in the settings and InvoicePlane will display more items.


Well done boss! Nice one.

This release is AWESOME for me …

Added DEFAULT TERMS :heart_eyes:
Added HTML email template :heart_eyes:
Added PDF Password (will be ok) :blush:

Thanks a lot.

Nice, just upgraded from 1.2.0. Looks like everything is working fine. Just did the password workaround so should be okay! Good job.