Invoiceplane update ver.1.4.3 but system stays at 1.3.1

I upgraded to the latest version 1.4.3 Invoiceplane, why in the updates it is still installed the version 1.3.1?

If you are still on 1.3.1 it seems that the upgrade did not run completely. Please reset the database to the state of 1.3.1 and try again.

Can you please explain me how to do this?
In the DB there are all my invoices. I really hope you’re not saying that I have to cancel them…
Can you please explain with more detail what should I do?

Did you made a backup of all your files and the database as stated in the wiki?

yes I did

So how should I proceed?

Delete the database, import the backup and try to run the setup again. (There’s no need to delete any files)

Kovah forgive me,
but I did not understand what to do, I’m afraid to delete all my work with invoice.
Why do the system should work if I import the same backup?
Can you give me more detailed explanation?


The thing is that the version is handled by the database, not by any text files or something similar.
If the database update fails your version will not be updated but the app should work.

If you have a database backup you are good to go, all data is stored in the database. As long as you keep this backup you won’t loose any data or work.

thanks, update now works!