Invoicedate is offsetting to some extend (+ logo not on invoice)

Having pretty much standart it shows invoicedate offset below where it is supposed to be. Anyone else is experienceing it? Also my logo which I setup in the settings for my invoice is now displaying. Did I do something wrong there as well? It’s showing the logo at the settings page.

the logo does not want to play well if it’s a png file. After i converted it to jpg. It was showing on my invoice and quotes.

same offset problem here

The Problem is caused in the template. When the translation for invoice date becomes too long it’ll offset.

In the template file on line 67 you see the right coloum for the invoice header having 30% width. so if all words exceed 30 % it’ll offset. You can just change it to 35% so the offset is removed ( for now )

<?php echo invoice_logo_pdf(); ?>

<?php echo $invoice->user_name; ?>


I solved basing my template to the new default templates.
I was using an old template file.