Invoice template for (not only) Italian Financial Rules (several tax rates)

Hello everybody
I like IP but I am not an expert.
For Italy, each invoice, I need to use several tax rates and I have to show the full-name for each taxes and a summary of the net amount, tax rates and tax amount for each kind of tax.
Also I need to print the full details for client and for the person/office who is in charge for payment of my invoice.
Then I made some changes for my Company and this is how my invoices look now:

I have adjusted the files customs.css and custom_lag.php
Moreover I have added some custom-fields for clients and I have added the fied TAX_RATE_CODE into the table IP_TAX_RATES.
For me it is working fine but since I am not an expert I am sure anyone can improve my template.

Would you please find here below the code for my template:

my-invoice-for-sharing.php (12.8 KB)

Kindest regards


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Ciao gsolina,
ho installato la nuova versione italiana ( IP 1.4.3 ).
La gestione dello sconto però non mi appare nelle fatture/preventivi di base.
Hai sviluppato un tema con visualizzazione sconto per riga/item e nel riepilogo totale?

Grazi in anticipo