Invoice/quote styling changes 1.4.0

After the Update the visual appearance from adjusting quotes and invoices have rather changed to the worse - at least in my oppinion…

This turned

Into this

Well. my personal oppinion though. But maybe someone else shares that view.

If i was to choose i’d stick with the very light and sleek layout just as it has been before.

Clear your browser cache and try again.
Your browser uses an outdated styling file.

tried 3 diffrent browsers.

cleared cache ( and incognito mode ) on firefox
used chrome where i never logged in to invoiceplane before
used QupZilla as a third alternative having the same view as shown above.

all browsers are up to date.

Is it supposed to look diffrent? Can you provide a screenshot for me?

Sorry, took a wrong look. The layout is correct.

The thing is that we just have to use this layout. We added the option to enter discounts and with another column squeezed into the table everything would look horrible.
I tried a lot of different looks and this is quite the best solution I could find.

As I think that they are not used often from the majority of invoice plane user base, maybe per item discount and per item tax could appear only if summoned from two dedicated button/menu.

In this way we earn a lot of room.

Feel free to make a design mockup and it may be changed.

The current solution is the best one I could find in the small amount of time and I’m really sad that some users are not satisfied with my work. :disappointed:

The design is quite good, but description field should have some space more. Invoice terms too.

“Add new row” and “Add product” are duplicated, should be eliminated from above.

BTW I checked the demo, and discounts seem to be not working with default templates.

No @kovah thought it’s enough if he gets the “feature” done but the coloum inside the template is someone elses job…

here you go:

No it’s meant ot be like that. Imagine having an invoice with more than 20 rows. You would have to scroll completely to the top if you edited the last item to add a new product. Now you have this button directly where you edited the last.

That’s why I said the ones should be eliminated are the ones on top.

Duplicate buttons are always wrong, any UI expert can tell.

Anyway, to me is fine, they don’t really bother me.

PS: another option can be keep the options on top fixed, they don’t move even you scroll down.

The design is not too bad!
But like all the things can be improved. :wink:


  1. Maybe in the rows you can rename “Item Discount” simply in “Discount” (the context is clear).
  2. DIV “headerbar” should be fixed so can float and be visible during the composing of quote/invoice (so you can get rid of their duplicate at bottom of rows)
  3. By default, in the quote/invoice composing page, hide totally “Item discount” and “Item tax” from the rows and add side to [Add Row] [Add Product] or inside “Options” (in the headerbar) two buttons to activate them. In this way only who need it (I think the minority of users) will activate them.

Example of the new floating fixed headerbar (if new buttons are not inside Options):

[Options] [Add Row] [Add Product] [Enable Item Discount] [Enable Item Tax]

of course when Item Discount and/or Item Tax is displayed the dedicated buttons turn in [Disable Item Discount] and/or [Disable Item Tax]

  1. In Invoice Groups give the possibility to change this default behavior creating the options to make “item discount” and “item tax” displayed by default or not for that specific group of quote/invoice.
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