Invoice group for recurring invoice


I recently started using InvoicePlane and came across a problem according to my workflow.
My invoice numbers are formatted like [year]-[number]. I reset my invoice numbering every year. So the last invoice of 2015 can be 2015-385 and the first of 2016 will be 2016-001 (this is common practice in The Netherlands, don’t know if it is in other countries). To achieve this in InvoicePlane I use a invoice group for every year. I update the default invoice group at the beginning of a new year. This works great.

But, recurring invoices are always created in the group of the original invoice. In a yearly recurring invoice the new invoice is created in the wrong group (eg. 2015 group instead of 2016 group). I think a simple fix would be to add a bool column to the invoices_recurring table. This way you are able to determine whether the new invoice has to be created in the group of the original invoice (which is the case now) or in the default group as stated in the config. A simple if-statement in invoices/controllers/cron.php then determines which group has to be used.

That would fix my problem. Are there anymore users experiencing this problem? I’d like to hear if this will be useful for other users.

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