Invoice Ammendment Process

Dear All,
Not sure if this has
been requested, however I have a situation where an Invoice has been
calculated based on quotes and sent correctly written but client has
come back requesting (correctly) a rebate or inclusion of missing

Could I then
– An extra step in the Invoice issuing process to allow review/amend an existing invoice
where amounts / Items can be modified.
– In other words we should have Quotes // Invoices Sent (in progress) // Invoices
Accepted or Amended // Invoices Paid.

Apologies if this process is already in place, I imagine we can simulate it but I just don’t know how.


The reason is in the
accounting process where an Invoice sent it is not necessary approved
therefore can not be processed the same as being accepted.

We already have different states of an invoice that allow different actions on each state.
By default(!) the invoice is not locked before it was paid by the customer or set paid by the user. Until this point it is possible to edit the invoice, sent it again etc.
If the invoice was paid you can create a credit invoice. This invoice allows you to remove items from the original invoice and for example add another item. There will be a new invoice, yes. But this is a more law-safe way to handle invoices than allowing the user to change invoices after they were processed.