Installed Version 1.4 and changed language => Crashed Bug?

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I installed version 1.4 (newest). After my setup I went to settings and changed the language to german. But unfortunately there aren‘t other language folders & ressources. Why do you put an option live, when there‘s no source? After a new server request the whole system isn‘t starting well because of the missing files.

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what did you mean with “there aren‘t other language folders & ressources” ? Are there no folders in “/languages”? Maybe the online file missing is the “custom_lang.php” in the german language folder.
See here

Please make sure that the file custom_lang.php exists in the folder of the language you want to use.
Unfortunately the file was excluded while updating the languages to the latest versions.

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By the way. Great project. I love invoiceplane!
Here‘s a screenshot of the file structure. I can‘t see any german folder? Where can I get the languages

I mention the trouble is causing because of the missing folders & ressources? You should really integrate a ‘try/catch statement‘ to get sure users can even access the system without any other language files. Otherwise the whole system gets corrupted. :wink:


@chdhesi0 What the hell are all these files in there???
There should only be three files:

  • ip_lang.php
  • custom_lang.php and
  • merchant_lang.php

All other files are useless as they will be not loaded.
Just make sure that these three files exists and everything will be fine. :blush:

Hey Kovah,

What the dude? :smile: Please, download your last stable version: these files are all in this package from your official site. Again: Where are the other languages? Do I have to copy these files in seperate language folders? Please provide these files. I can‘t find them. lol :blush:

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straight inside the zip file for me too.

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Ah, I know what’s the problem. You opened the CodeIgniter internal language files.
The only language files used by the app itself (and the one we can control) are located in /application/language/

Please do not touch the files you found.

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Okay, now I got it! Ohhh lala. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I have to copy from the english dir the missing file. Why you don‘t fix this? But okay now it works well.

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It’s already fixed, they are included in the updated package.