Installed using softaculous but doesn't work

Hey all,

I’ve installed this using softaculous but when I follow the link it gives me nothing loads?

Any ideas on how I can get this to work?


I have just been sent this from the host company I use…

Unfortunately we’ve not been able to find the cause of this, it’s possible it isn’t compatible with Litespeed as even with display_errors turned on it doesn’t output any error messages. We’ve also tried this in our testing environment and it always just seems to output a blank page.

Any ideas?


I think this is a question for the Softaculous support as we can’t provide information for this third party software.

I think all they do is allow it to be installed.

Is there a how to guide on how to install it manually? Maybe I could try it that way?

I think though, Softaculous does this but without me having do to it via FTP.

As stated in the header of the community: please check the wiki first.