Installation database error

Its working fine Thankq so much Anas_Ahmar, I have done Step 1 simply its working :smile: (“1- The .htaccess in should NOT has the RewriteBase /invoices”)

Hi guys,

I just got Anas_Ahmar’s solution working. perfect thanks.

Open the HTACCESS file, and change:

RewriteBase /


RewriteBase /your-directory

I have similar error,
I have mod-rewrite enabled,
I am installing in sub-directory so i have edited the .htaccess in the subdirectory as mentioned above.
I get to the screen where it asks for database details, I fill in the details and when i press the button ( which is “try again” even if it is for first time i am setting up ) it leads to 500 server error.

I check the apache log files and it has this " “GET /invoices/setup/configure_database HTTP/1.1” 500 -"

any help would be appreciated

Look in your webserver error logs. There should be entries about this error in details.