Increase session time for logged in


I am new here and just started using InvoicePlane and is perfect and love it

I have just a quick session, how do I increase the session time to infinity so once logged in, it does not log me out again

I saw it can be done on another post but am not sure how to increase the session time, I thought it might of been in a htaccess file or something

Thank you in advance


Very interesting as the default session time is set to 10 days…

Change this value in /application/config/config.php to any time in seconds (30 days would be 2592000 then)

$config['sess_expiration']		= 864000; // 10 Days
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Hi Kovah

Thank you for the reply, appreciate it

I adjusted it to be 2592000 so is 30 days and seems to have worked at home, I was at the office when it was not working so was wondering if any cookies need to cleared in my browser at the office as I was pressing ctrl and F5 to refresh from scratch?

Yes, the session time is set within cookies which need to be deleted.

Sorry my mistake, I should of done that, I will do that as soon as I get to the office

Thank you again so much for the replies, appreciate it

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