Importing / Sample Data

Is there a way to populate my database with sample data for demo purposes other than manually enering them into the system?

Also, I noticed an Import Data option in the menu but if i click it, it only goes to a blank screen with a menu. Is this still for development or have I missed something in my installation?

Here you go:!zYQ0UToT!Q5vsFO2NbTYIjDQVS0xC0Vo6Etthk_O3Is55tj-5SiA

The database of


Information about the import process are listed here:

After importing the demo database, this is what I got when I went into the Settings menu:

Did I make a mistake?

Huh…?! What is that? Could you please try to translate this with Google Translate.
The database is take from my local system and the alert or whatever this is does not appear there.