Importing from 3rd Party Invoicing Application

I was wondering if there is any way to import Invoices which are already done by another script. I have already played around with invoice plane and saw there was an import function and tried that. Out of the box i guess the import is only working when the CSV Files are suited to invoiceplane. On other applications there was some sort of import wizard, where you could declare what field is what and process all data from a csv.

My main problem is transitioning to invoiceplane having to manually set all customers as well as invoices manually again which costs quite a lot of time.

Is there anything to be done?

No, importing is only supported by the integrated method via csv files.
Advanced importing will be available in InvoicePlane 2.

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So my Invoices would be either manually imported, or have a matching csv file which has to be adjusted manually?

Yes at the moment there is no other solution for that.