Ideas needed! A new feature requests tracker

Hello InvoicePlane users,
as we want to collect all feature requests on one place (and not on Github and this community) I switched to Uservoice some days ago. I moved all existing requests and ideas to Uservoice but I made the mistake that I didn’t take a deeper look. For now Uservoice is quite limited and I don’t have any money to pay for the (overpriced) plans.

Because of that I want to move to a new feature request board / tracker whatever a second time. But for this I need your help. Do you have any ideas or suggestions for an open source solution?

We need:

  • enter feature requests to different categories
  • add tags to the requests
  • let users vote for requests
  • sign up with social network accounts

Thanks in advance!

Reserved for later. :wink:

I have some experience dealing with open source Project Managers, but not covering all the requested features.

For now, the one I consider more useful is OpenProject (based on Redmine). I’ve tried Trac, Mantis, even Redmine, and looks like OpenProject is considering more non-technical guys (all kind of roles and projects).

Anyway, for a community survey, maybe another tools like Trello or Asana could do fine. I’m not sure cause I didn’t try them, as they’re not open source, but I think they’re close to be free or quite cheap.

Jira has interesting tools also for project management.

How much you need to pay the server? Maybe you can add a “donate” button in the website so we all can cover a part of the cost.

Wow stop stop :smile:
We just need a feature request tracker. Like our Uservoice board but maybe free as an open source software. Project management suite like Redmine or Jira are overloaded with functions we don’t need.

What about Trello or Asana?

As I know both do not offer voting and anonymous posting, right?
And I would prefer using an open source software over handing over the userdata to a company. Sad enough that I started using Uservoice…

I’m not really into the features, as I’m a big fan of open source apps.

Take a look to Bitnami, Turnkey and Docker, they are really good places to search open source solutions.

As I worked a lot with Drupal in the past I’ll try to set up a system the next days. There are a lot of modules available we can use.

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I’m so stupid.
We already have the solution for this feature request problem: this community.
Discourse (the software we are using) is already able to handle what we need. I’ll create a category for feature requests again and try to tweak some small things so votes (or likes) will be more focused.
Stay tuned fellow invoicers!

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Email configuration connection test before save :wink:

@brunorsviana What?