Hyperlink to a custom field

Hi Guys,

Just wondering if there is a way of hyperlinking text to a custom email address that is defined in Custom Fields.

For Example:

I have a custom field setup for Account Manager Email and looking to add this to the customer portal.

I’ve tried the following code:
href="<?php echo $invoice->client_custom_account_manager_email; ?>">Email your Account Manager - I’ve disabled the a href so that you can see the code.

I was looking at just a simple text saying “Your Account Manager is: ACCOUNT MANAGER NAME”

Any ideas.



Hello , i’m no expert but should this query include the brackets as below.

<?php echo ($invoice->client_custom_account_manager_email );?>

Hi Lee,

Thanks for your response, that hasn’t worked ether sadly.

Hopefully @Kovah will be able to help.

Thanks Lee


If you have a custom field that is called “Account Manager Email” you can reference this field with <?php echo $invoice->client_custom_account_manager_email;?> so the following code should work:

<a href="<?php echo $invoice->client_custom_account_manager_email; ?>">Account Manager Email</a>

Tested this and it worked for me.