How to use PDF Design into Invoiceplane

I am using Invoiceplane, but in my last used invoicesystem i used my complete own Design.
How can i setup this into InvoicePlane?

I there somebody who can tell me how to fix this.

Greetings, Michael

The PDF design is completely based on HTML and CSS (and some PHP to get the values).
It depends on the design of your last application how it can be converted to InvoicePlane. Do you have an example or the old files?

Hi Kovah, the design is an PDF File.
I cant upload it here. here you find the link.

Greeting, Michael

Oh okay, a PDF file as template. This feature was recently included into the development version so it should be available soon.

in the development of this version or an new one?
Do you know when that will me released?

Greetings, Michael

I think this feature will be completely available with InvoicePlane 2.
The release will take some time as I rewrite major parts of the application.

In the meantime you could convert the PDF file into an image that can be used as a background for the template.

And how can i use background image?

Additionally you should find more information in various other thread in this forum