How to Import Data?

Can someone explain what type of data can be imported and if there is a sample document to import data???

Here’s the Wiki article:

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I have still have this issue,

Import data page is just white blank.

I have

Still no luck since 1.3.3

Please help

Well I have no idea why this “404 page not found” occurs while importing data.


the 404 did not happen to me, that’s my from my server provider and I let them try.

I am really keep to have this fixed,

And I do not think the calculation is correct,

By the way, thank you for making more value in currency, but also please do the same for partial payment.

Another is the pdf file name when you donwload, it, it look terrible, it looks like this, -uploads-archive-2015-05-22_Invoice_1.pdf

@Pitma Could you please take a look at this.

Hey @all,

Yes I’ll take a look! But the Format Looks strange to me!

Normally it should only be renamed to “timestamp_Invoice_Invoicenumber”

And I’m concerned about the “-” infront and between Uploads and Archive…This is basically the folderstructure… (/Uploads/Archive/) and not what should be displayed!!! Could it be a specific issue based on Country Settings? But it doesn’t matter which Country…because the folderstructure and used Character “/” should be the same



I tried to reproduce your issue with the filename…but was not able to!

Where did you download the file? (From email or from Invoice View)

Okay, now I know what you mean! If the pdf is displayed on browser…and you press save, then the name looks weird!

I’m on it!

Edit: Okay Problem solved! Will be available in the next release! :smile:

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@Kovah I have the same error as @Kang_Syimen import page blank. i’m on latest version ( 1.4.3 ) Php 5.3

when i enable error display

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '[', expecting ']' in application\modules\import\models\mdl_import.php on line 128

I solved this “Blank Import Screen” problem by doing this to line 128 (application\modules\import\models\mdl_import.php) Thanks @janakaE for pointing me in the right direction.

I know it’s a hack. But hey, it worked for me.

//     $db_array[$header] = ($data[array_keys($fileheaders, $header)[0]] <> 'NULL') ? $data[array_keys($fileheaders, $header)[0]] : '';
       $db_array[$header] = $data[$key];
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@aboutwd I think this error because of php version. my current version is 5.3.8. this syntax using “shorthand array” which only work above php 5.4.