How can i select all quotes for each session user, and how to extend more user permission?

Hi Guys,
Before i proceed, thanks all of you who started with this Project!

so i just added more level of permission in the system, like now i’ve Admin, manager, simlple user, and consultants.
But the Problem is on each mdl_quote or md_invoice, the class extends Admin_Controller, so how can i extends more then Admin_controller or how i can verify user_type without Admin_controller.

Another question, i want to display each session just he’s quotes/invoices created by him.
So how i can use session_data with current session?


@hansen if you can be more specific please.


Hi Smora! thanks for your reply.

Look what im trying to do is extend User Permission.
Inside of Application, from default we just have Admin_Controller and Guest_Controller.
SO i want to implement who can make payments and who can make a quote and invoices.
So i created more controller inside of Core folders, and i added more Level for user Permission.

Where im coming struggling, is i don’t know how to configure the App to each access just forward the session in specified access.

Hi @hansen,

Core configurations can get a little out of hand if the right configurations are not made correctly.

  1. Did you create manager and simple_user in the module folder?
  2. Coding has to be done in the session module.

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Hi @smora ,
Look sorry for coming too late to reply, was really long month and really bus.

So i created the module folders, but still not working well, with many user permission, like work well if i user Admin_Controller, but if i change for saming like sales_Controller, or Manage_Controller, dosent work well, some task’s ask for Admin_Controller.
I’ll chat with you on skype and i let you know.

Hi @hansen ,

You might need to duplicate the “admin_controller.php” folder and rename it to what you want the user type to be called for example : "sales_controller.php " and from there work your way around the core and edit what you want that user to do. You will also need to create a module and name it with the user type for example : “sales module folder” and in the layout module create a “sales_layout.php , manage_layout.php” etc etc …what you achieve with the layout module is what each user will view in the system. Always remember what you are doing is not actual user roles but you might want to call them user types. If you need any further help i can be willing to help you out… I’m actually creating new modules my self… Don’t forget you can also reach me in skype.

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Thanks man!
I think i must deal with the layout, because i just made all modules, but i used some layout for all.
I’ll do that and i’ll let you know.


No problem mate