Have some problem with price

I have some problem with price with my currency.
I got this messages when input 123.456.789 in Price:


because in my economy and currency have some product and service very large about money. Like that 123.456.789đ.
So how can I make amount bigger and remove cents after.
In my country only have 50.000 (Fifty thousand) don’t have 50.000,99 (in my country don’t have cents).
So I don’t need ,99 after my price!
How can I do it?
Thank you very much!

InvoicePlane does not support numbers which are this large because of the used calculation methods.

Thanks @Kovah,
But can I remove ,00 after quantity and price.
I don’t need and it take me a lot of space on PDF invoice.

You would have to change too much core functions to remove everything behind the comma that I would not recommend doing so.

hi Kovah, i facing the same issue as well.
can you help me to guide me how to edit the Price became Price (000) and Total (000). so i can reduce 3 zero on the price.

thanks in advance

You can add custom language strings into /application/lang/english/custom_lang.php like this:

$lang = array(
    'price' => 'Price (000)',
    'total' => 'Total (000)',

This overrides the default strings.

thanks Kovah, works like a charm.

but for the correct path is /application/language/english/ip_lang.php

thanks for the help!