Happy Birthday InvoicePlane!


One year ago I registered the invoiceplane.com domain and started the InvoicePlane project as the official successor of the abandoned FusionInvoice open source project. Since the start a lot of things happened and I’m so excited about what will happen in the future.
We created an awesome community, a lot of people helped me make InvoicePlane better and better with tons of new features and improvements.

If you want to learn more about the story behind InvoicePlane you can read this blog article I wrote on the InvoicePlane Blog.

InvoicePlane 1.4.0

Later today version 1.4.0 will be available for download. This version will include some very special and long awaited features.
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Let’s celebrate

Let’s celebrate the first birthday of this project. Write your thoughts, wishes and ideas to the comments.

PS: Everyone who posts here will get a special super sleek forum badge and a title for his user name.


Congratulation to us all and most especially Kovah for taking up this project on behalf of us all. We all appreciate and hope that we keep up the project.

Congratulations once again and Many More yeas ahead!

Happy Birthday,

with that said i just joined the community and I haven’t been switching to invoiceplane yet, however i find it very interesting how this project is doing and as a feedback I can say that invoiceplane very fast compared a competitor’s application.

Who knows, maybe “long awaited” features will give me the push to migrate, because there is no migration tool, it’s quite bothersome…

But anyways, all the best to this project.

Happy birthday.
I wish I could help, but I’m not a coder, so I just help with Indonesian translation which 99,9% done.
and help other on community as much as I can.

Once again, happy birthday InvoicePlane.

Thank you @Kovah and every one who makes this InovicePlane happen.

I can tell that this is a magic .


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Congratulations with all the great work and a very nice product.

Happy Birthday!

As a small local business InvoicePlane has made things so much easier for us. The set up, support, regular activity and even config options are making this a very very strong platform.

So basically, congratulations Kovah to the ideas, decisions and the stress of following your project through and wishing you the best to continue.

Happy Birthday!

InvoicePlane has already made leaps over FusionInvoice! The community is more unified and product is much better. The feature I have most anxiously awaited is arriving with 1.4 - file attachments. This will no doubt make our business easier and open a world of opportunity for us.

Thank you Kovah and everyone for their hard work!

Congrats! Just started using it, and already love it!

Happy birthday!!

Great project and the best app to work with.

Thanks a lot for all your work !! =D

Happy Birthday from me. We use Invoiceplane active for our business! I Hope this projekt will be great and successfull

Happy Birthday InvoicePlane and @Kovah!!

I hope we can keep doing amazing stuff in the future!

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Wish you very happy birthday… Thanks for cool stuff keep going.

Happy Birthday InvoicePlane!!
Thanks @Kovah for it and your constant support / work!

Happy Birthday Kovah and InvoicePlane. This is a special milestone celebrating community and software!