Generating PDF in guest url does not work after template edit

###Short version:
On a new install of the InvoicePlane, and after duplicating and editing invoice template, the “download pdf” link no longer works, not even after reverting to the default templates. Any ideas?

###Longer version:
I decided to make a clean install of InvoicePlane to replace my FusionInvoice that was updated from MyClientBase.
I manually imported my customers, created my custom fields without any trouble.
I then duplicated the default invoice template, and edited it in order to show all the custom information and adjust the layout a bit.

One thing I didn’t modify was the “Download PDF” link on the top, but for some reason it stopped working.
It had worked at some point, as I had downloaded at least once before editing the template.

So thinking I had inadvertently changed something, I reverted the templates back to the default ones in the settings.
Nothing Worked either.

So right now my clients cannot download their invoices, and I’ve absolutely no idea what to do. I remember running into some trouble with MyClientBase with a similar PDF generation issue…

I have looked all over the forum without finding the same problem.

Generating PDF from the admin interface works fine.
I have not yet edited the PDF template.

InvoicePlane v1.4.4
Installed on Namecheap Linux shared hosting
PHP 5.3.29
MySQL 5.5.32

I noticed that the PDF is generated when the invoice is marked as paid. Invoices not marked as paid do not generate the PDF.
important: I have only assigned the default templates. I have not assigned other templates (paid, overdue)

I have noticed a similar (or same) issue. The workaround I came up with is to first create the PDF in the back-end, before giving the link to the customer.

By saying “creating the PDF in the back-end” I mean log in to IP, open/edit an invoice and click options>Download PDF. After that (at least in my installation) the clients can use the guest link to download the PDF. Please report back if this workaround works for you as well.

Thanks @Felix, no luck for me however…
I will do a fresh install soon to see how i go with that.

A workaround I’ve done that was in my skill range was to create a @media print css set of rules, and add a “print” button where the “download PDF” button was. Customers who need to print can do so there and then, those who want a pdf can generate it from their browser.