Folder Permissions for Uploads and such

I just upgraded to the latest version, and noticed that emails and pdfs can’t be created without the folders permissions being set to 777

Screenshot of the installation is

Why would these folders need the level as it posses a security risk?


Without these permissions the app would not be able to generate anything as you have to create a file anywhere to generate a PDF.

Thanks for the reply, Yes I understand that however a 755 perms should suffice, would it not? To me anyhow that is.


You could also change the ownership of all InvoicePlane files to the webserver. Then it would be possible to use 755.
But as it may not be possible for users to change the ownership of their files (e.g. shared hosting providers) the easier way to do so is the 777 permissions for these particular folders.

Thanks Kovah for the info. I’m on a a dedicated server so I will try that out.

Thanks for you time

BTW I just wanted to say that this is probably the best and easiest solution to use for invoicing clients. Great work.


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