Filter customers and multiple customers for invoice creation

Hey there!

I currently run one-man-IT for a small business that uses an extraordinarily antiquated system to track their customers and billing. (As in… the software is from Win98.) IP actually just caught my eye this afternoon, so I’ve been poking at it for a bit and I love what you have so far and was wondering if these features would be within your project scope. (Clean, modern UI. Being able to run it locally. An active developer… :stuck_out_tongue: )

  • "Mass" Invoicing : Being able to choose multiple customers and create an invoice for each of them in one shot. The company is a recurring service and bills between 20 and 60 people per day. (It sounds more impressive than it is.)
  • Displaying custom fields in the overview : Being able to see additional services and notes attached to a customer through the custom fields would be a godsend.
  • Filtering customers by custom fields : Being able to further filter for customers who are due for service, or have specific additional charges attached, or both is a function they use every day.

If I’m outside the project scope, I understand. Figured I would ask, though! :smiley:

Hi there,
thanks for your interest in InvoicePlane.
The advanced handling (searching, filter etc.) for custom fields is already on the list of enhancements. Mass Invoicing isn’t but could be integrated.
The features may be integrated in the newer v2.x only but i’m not quite sure about that.
Stay tuned!