Few things regards to PDF


Just installed script, all works fine, but:

  • Is there a way to add signature in pdf? So I can add .png file inside with my signature.
  • I want to delete my company name from header, since I made it at bottom. Just editing template will be enough?
  • Is there a way to edit fonts (size, other fonts, color, etc)?

Kind regards,

Hi, @DennisDee

Take a look at the link below see if its any help.


Good luck! :wink:

Im fine with removing company from header, just deleting code. But what about adding signature?
At the moment I use one invoice online service, but its free only for 3 invoices monthly. So I thought if I have own server, I should use it on my own server, but all I miss is adding signature. Rest I can figure out how and what…

use an image tag in the PDF template pointing to the location of your signature image.

To not open new topic. I droped invoiceplane first time and I used some free provider in Slovenia, but he limited to 3 invoices per month. Since I need around 4-5 invoices per month, I came back and installed new version (1.4.4).

I almost finished my template, but I don’t know how to align text. Im adding screenshot and template file i edited.

InvoicePlane-edited.php (6.6 KB)