Feature requests. Work-around ideas?

I really love Invoice Plane. I DO wish I could add contact names to the client information, so that if I call someone regarding an invoice, I don’t have to search somewhere else to figure out who I am supposed to talk to. (We use the “Client Name” field for Company Name)

It would be great to be able to include a few more items in the email templates too, like a contact name, and even the email address as a template tag. (I’m wanting this for selfish reasons–I use a CRM that can parse an email for contact details and add a lead to the system if I just send an email with contact details to a special email address associated with the CRM. Ideally, I would love to create an email template that populated the client’s contact data in the body of the email and allowed me to choose NOT to send it to the client at all, but just to my CRM system’s email address.) I’m working around this by sending the email to the clients and BCC-ing my CRM. I’ve created an email template that lets the clients know why I am doing this and that if all of the information below (populated by InvoicePlane) is correct, they can ignore the email, but it would be nice to not have to email them at all. And I signed up for the forum to see if there’s a way I could at least add the client’s email address, phone number(s) and websites to the template somehow.

Any ideas for me?

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