Feature most important and useful

I recently see InvoicePlane and could have great potential, especially compared to most Sw open of this type on the web.

There are some features that I think are essential for optimal management of invoices:

  • Ability to filter the invoice for “invoice groups”, for year (the filter ajax is not limited to only one of the filter fields and has compatibility problems with the filters of status and buttons prev and next)
  • Ability to sort the table by date and invoice id
  • Ability to perform a search among customers or invoices

It would also be convenient to insert a multiselect for select quickly all customers that a guest user can view… else create a “superguest” that can “read” the invoices (example a business consultant)

If you need a hand in the development would be happy to help you

thanks for your feedback! I’ll add these ideas to the feature requests for the next major version v2. If you would like to help developing you can find information about how in the repository.