Extended client portal and workflows


I would like to see a extended client portal where you can share more then just a quote or invoice. Something like a portal for projects and document sharing in a project form. Maybe it is too much for now but i could see this happening and usefull for alot freelancers that work on a project base.

If you allow users to create own workflows with approval options, you van do everything within this application.

I already thought about something like this.
Implementing like basic project management functions like “messaging” between user and client, document sharing and so on.
Pretty good idea!

Sorry for the spelling. My autocorrect is on Dutch.

It could something like “notes” field from customer in budgets and invoices (but associated with the author). Also notes could save basic information as when the document has been view and internal notes (not for being seen in the portal).

Btw, “notes” in customer should be editable or eraseable.