Error when saving a quote with duplicate

IP allows you to change the quote number, The first number is QU01. Lets say you change it to QU09. It lets you save it but then when you create a new one the numbering restarts to QU01. If you keep creating quotes, eventually it will create a duplicate quote with number QU09. Everything is fine until you add a product to it. It does not let you save the products you added. It does not give you an error. It just keeps spinning and when you refresh it the products are not there.

My solution was to duplicate the quote, which assigns it a new number, then it lets you save it.

I think IP should either not allow quote renumbering or not restart the numbering. If you change it to QU09, make the new ones start at QU10.

I just noticed there is a post about this same issue from Juneā€¦

Invoice or quote numbering is a common problem.
A small work around is located in the settings for the corresponding invoice group. There you can set the next ID which means if you set a quote to ID9 you can set the next ID in these settings to 10.