Email Templates not working after upgrade


After latest upgrade the email templates are not working.
When any email template is selected on sent invoice by email screen, this error occurs:

SyntaxError: expected expression, got ‘}’ scripts.min.js:1:1977
ReferenceError: inject_email_template is not defined

Email template not working

Did you copied the referenced file from the latest version’s archive and did you cleared your browser’s cache?


Cache cleared: same problem.
Do you suggest upload all files again, over the installation?


That’s strange but must be some type of caching problem because the error is not present in the current version of this file.
Try to download it and replace the old one with it. If this is not working it clearly is a caching problem, maybe directly from the server? Do you use CloudFlare?


It worked!
It seems the file was corrupted on the server. Uploaded again and works like a charm. Sorry for the trouble.

Thanks Kovah

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