Email Formatting Lost

Just started using InvoicePlane and must say I am impressed so far. But I have run into a problem with emails that are sent to clients. They are no longer formatted correctly and no idea why. Can you help with a fix?

I tried to upload an image of the email template but as a new user its not possible.

The E-Mail formatting was fixed in the latest version.
You could use to share the template with us.

It was working ok for a while but I think after an edit the formatting problem occured. I tried deleting the template and creating a new one but had the same problem.

I am not sure how to use, I did not create an account but pasted it as as anonymous. I have a share url do you need that?

Yes I need the URL.

Okay thanks, I will take a look at this.

You have to manually add the html tags yourself:

Hi {{{client_name}}}
I have raised a new invoice on your account. The invoice is attached to this email and is for the new website.
Invoice No. {{{invoice_number}}}
Invoice amount.
Payment should be made by cheque payable to A. Guerrier or by Bank Transfer for the full amount within 21 days. Bank transfer details are available by email request. If you have any queries regarding this invoice please contact me as soon as possible.

Regards Austin.


Just an example how I have my template…

The Email which i receive looks like that:

Thanks carstengrimm that works. All sorted.

The problem is that you used one single HTML tag. The system then recognize this as a full HTML template and does not add any line breaks. So if you remove the <b> the template should be displayed correctly.

Kovah, I don’t think that’s the reason. I just created another test template with just a few words and no HTML tags and it does not display correctly.