[Duplicate] Unable to create invoice or quote

i am no longer able to create a quote or an invoice.
When i click on “create invoice” or “create quote” either from dashboard button or menu, nothing happened

there is nothin relevant in IP log

there is nothing relevant in apache log

console gives a “SyntaxError: missing } after property list jquery-1.11.2.min.js:77:41”

I have tried with a clean install, with php 5.3.3 and php 5.6.9, with a clean database, without success.

Any idea ?

Best regards

Did you cleared the browser cache?

i restarted browser, restarted it , cleared cache from settings : no go

I tried a 1 month old 1.2 version : it works fine. on php 5.3

I upgraded this 1.2 version to newest : problem still here

Thats weird. Can’t reproduce this error.

What browser do you use?

firefox 38.0.1

Just tried with IE8 (duh!) and firefox 37 under windows (duh!) : same problem.

i just did a clean install:

  • clean centos 6.6
  • clean apache install
  • clean mysql
  • clean v1.4.1

everything works fine until i insert back my mysql data. Then quote and invoice creations silently fail

Okay then it seems to be a problem related to [Solved] Special characters in Client Name breaks invoice/quote creation

I was about to say the same.

i got a customer with an apostrophe in its name. As soon as i deleted it, i was able to create quotes and invoices !

Bear in mind this looks like a regression: it used to work until this day.

Feel free to get in touch if you want some more testing.

Thanks for the quick replies

Well it’s not meant to be handled like that. It’s a bug that will be solved in the upcomming bugfix release.