[Duplicate] Expenses and Profits

Hi all

I’ve been using FusionInvoice for some time and it’s been hacked by me quite a bit. So I’ve just found this product which 90% fits my bill but I need a bit of modifications.


I’ve added cost prices and profit to each line, I’d like Invoice Plane to do the same thing. I also need ALL the invoice and payment references to be removed as I don’t have any need for them

If this is some thing you could do then please reply, or if it’s a simple tweak and you fancy pointing me in the right direction, that would be cool too.

Expenses and costs may be included in this version but it is planned for the next major version for fall this year.

Please see Expenses module for more information.

How to integrate the products into the item tables

Add the product id to the item table

ALTER TABLE `ip_invoice_items` ADD COLUMN `product_id` INT(11) NOT NULL DEFAULT 0 AFTER `invoice_id`;

Add the products table to the loaded tables in invoices/model/mdl_items.php in default_select()

$this->db->select('ip_invoice_item_amounts.*, ip_invoice_items.*, ip_products.*, item_tax_rates.tax_rate_percent AS item_tax_rate_percent');

Join the products table into the item in invoices/model/mdl_items.php in default_join()

$this->db->join('ip_products', 'ip_products.product_id = ip_invoice_items.product_id', 'left');


  • match the invoice items in ip_invoice_items with the products from ip_products
  • insert the product id into the item table while adding a saved item to an invoice

store the purchase price from the products table directly in the item tables which would be easier.

Dear Mr. Kovah,

Thank you very much for your effort.
Do you have any plan to add the Vendor/Supplier Database into it.
Or else how can I add the Vendor/Supplier database and manipulate them.

Please suggest.

Jahid Hossain