[Duplicate] E-mail template parser / Editor injection

Hi there,

I’ve been using InvoicePlane for a few days now and I have found a bug in the e-mail template functionality.
I would like to use a template for my clients containing XHTML and CSS. The problem is. When I use the build-in editor for templates, paste my HTML/CSS code, nothing from the e-mail body field is actually saved to the database. Other fields are updated perfectly well though.

Ok, so maybe that might just be a problem with the editor. After that I tried inserting the HTML/CSS directly into email_templates.email_template_body which resulted in CSS injection when I clicked “Send Invoice” on the invoices screen. As soon as the mail confirmation screen was loaded my e-mail CSS was applied to the whole webpage but offcourse leaving the message body empty.

I think there might be a bug in the way HTML/CSS is being parsed.
You can find a copy of the template I’m trying to use here: https://gist.github.com/Flightkick/cc01472a26d2f153573e

I think InvoicePlane is a great project, keep up the good work and have a nice day!


Are you using the latest version 1.3.3?

Thank you for your quick response and yes I am indeed using the latest version 1.3.3

Okay thanks I’ll take a look at this.

I believe this is the same issue that I have. See Mail template gets modified