Display amounts without taxes on dashboard

For most of freelancers and companies, specially the ones which do B2B business, taxes is not a relevant information, as is some money you collect for the goverment which is not a part of the profits or even the budget when doing forecast.
Should be a great option to have the option to “disable” view taxes in the dashboard, so it can show real information for the company.
The only ‘confusing’ thing can be the the paid and overdue invoices, which really should be including taxes.

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So: all quotes / invoices should be displayed with amounts without taxes except these ones that are paid / overdue?

Yes, I believe so (as payments always should be for the total amounts).

I think this can be useful for most of the companies, but maybe not for all. So maybe the best option is let the user decide it in the dashboard options.

Development Reference: IP-203