Discounts - intended way doing it?

When playing around with invoice plane i have seen there’s no feature for discounting things.

However i noticed when I add a new row to an invoice and type in -20% as price value it’ll reduce the price accordingly. Is discount intended to be added like that? ( as the % sign disappears after saving )

That is how we give discounts. I believe 1.4 will have a discount option added

On a second try ( at least for quotes ) i noticed that calculating in percent does not work. however generally putting a negative number does. If there’s a feature for it in 1.4 we’ll see later that day.

I tested it on 1.4.0 and it works very well.

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Yes, they seemed to go above and beyond with 1.4!

Topic will close in 24 hrs as the feature is now implemented.

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