Discount is not shown in all (default) Templates

The discount function from ver. 1.4.0 is not showing in the templates… The total price is correct but the coloum/row for discount is not shown…

Yes the templates are not up to date.
Feel free to add the fields and submit the templates, I will not update the templates anymore. (See this thread for more information)

I do not like and I do not need discount feature.

How do I remove or disable it?


if the field is blank no discount is applied, @Kang_Syimen so you don’t need to worry or disable anything.

Discount seem to be not working anyway, not just in the templates.

Yes @carstengrimm and @gnacho, I can just simply ignore it, but what I mean by remove it or disable it is that… I also do not like the look and feel.
V.13.3 looks cleaner and more elegant.

Ya. The reason the design changed because the additional feature for discount takes an extra column thus making a design choice necessary. But I agree.

As I already said: make some design suggestions and it may be changed but I won’t sit down another 6 hours to find a better solution… :neutral_face:

You’ve done a great job Kovah so don’t take this stuff so personally. People easily underestimate the hours it takes to design this (because they don’t know or care about it), but you can’t blame them for having healthy criticism. :smiley:

Nevertheless, people who don’t like the changes can always roll back to an earlier version. Guys… you do take backups before you upgrade, don’t you? :wink:

Also, changes in design are often hard to swallow, because it’s out of our comfort zone. You sometimes just have to get used to it, so I’d say, you don’t like it? Man up and deal with it or roll back to a previous version.

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I agree. As a community whoever is being a part of the development relies on the feedback from all users. Everyone’s goal is, to get the fastest, most feature-rich experience possible. Criticism or feedback shouldn’t taken personally. It’s just about thinking if the point made is worth to spend time into again.

Beside Kovah I have seen that there are a few others developing e.g. the Tasks Feature ( which is yet to complete ) has been started by someone else. I am anxiously waiting for that to be completed.

I agree, the discount feature does not seem to be working at all for me either. I just upgraded today and tried out the discount feature… the totals are all wrong for me. Am I doing something wrong or missing something? Screenshot below. Notice the price is $120 in the product line but then a $100 discount, meaning it should total to $20. Note the line item itself shows $20, but the Total for the invoice is still the regular $120, as if it’s ignoring the discount. The invoice total also does not reflect this total even after removing the item, saving the invoice, then re-adding the line item with the discount before it’s applied and saving again to properly save the line item.

Let me know if it’s desired to have a separate thread for this. I only threw it here because of the comment made earlier around it not working at all “not just in templates”.

It’s even worse bugged than this. The Discount gets applied twice if you change the discount again. The total calculation at the bottom is correct though.

Interesting. The behaviour for me is very different from yours. Mine does not seem to apply it twice, it doesn’t seem to apply it at all. My totals as you can tell from my screenshot in my earlier comment are not what they should be aside from the line item total to the far right. The invoice total is not correct in my environment.

As far as I already know the discount is not computed when the invoice tax is missing. But a double calculation seems very strange.

See here Display discount in template