Discount branch on github

I’m testing the discount branch, I’m suppose to put the discount amount in this field “item_discount_amount” ?
I thought we should put the discount % and the discounted amount should be calculated.

kindly advise.

You should use the development branch instead as discounts is not active anymore, all changes were merged into the development branch.

thanks for pointing that out, I checked the part of the code regarding the discount.
when I want to enter a discount for an item, based on the dev branch, i’m supposed to enter the amount I want to remove rather then the discount I would like to give on this item.

If I want to put a discount in % for each item rather then amount, I should code it myself ?

Discounts in percent per item may be included in 1.4.0 but I’m not sure if I can finish it until the release.

I see. I think I’ll replace discount_amount with discount_percent and do the calculation.
thanks Kovah, keep up the good work :smile:

I coded the & part, also add it to the

  • copy_to_quote

  • copy_to_invoice

  • quote_to_invoice

I can push it github, but I didn’t like the new partial_item_table so I kept the old one.

Uhm, what exactly do you want to push?

nevermind, my code is much more different.