Different projects for customers


First I’d like to complement you guys on your work, nice stuff!

A feature I’d love to see implemented into InvoicePlane is the ability to create projects for customers and send invoices based on those projects. Maybe even be able to tie different contact persons to a particular project within a company / customer.

Thanks and keep up the good work.


Hey Frank,


I’ll take it on the todo list for v2.

  • There is a project, with name, description, maybe planned/actual duration (start/enddate), status open/completed/…
  • A project can have one or more companies attached
  • Each company can have one or more contact persons
  • Quotes/Invoices belong to a project and a company
  • Some statistics about how much the project earned.

Is this right, would you need more?


Hi Piero,

Thanks, that sounds perfect!