Default invoice group per user, possible?

Suppose we have a small company based on LocationA with one branch on LocationB. We need to have two invoice groups (GroupA and GroupB), each for every location and each with its own numbering, with GroupA being the default one. Up to this point everything is fine, IP does all of these.

Now suppose that invoices from LocationA need to have AddressA on them and invoices from LocationB need to have AddressB on them. Solution: Create a different user for each Location (UserA and UserB), with the correct addresses for each user and the problem is solved.

Well not quite, because this is prone to user error when:
UserB logs-in and creates an invoice but forgets to choose GroupB as the invoice group. In such a case the invoice has a numbering from GroupA but with AddressB printed on it.
Likewise, if UserA logs in and creates an invoice using GroupB as the invoice group.

Is there a way to set the default invoice group per logged in user? If there is not, feel free to move this topic to feature requests :wink: