Database Connection Error

I downloaded the lates version of Invoice PLane,extracted the zip in my web server and when i opened the URL i faced the following error :

Unable to connect to your database server using the provided settings.

Filename: D:\Hosting\13120756\html\invoice\system\database\DB_driver.php

Line Number: 125

also \setup is showing a 404 error…

:warning: PLEASE read the instructions before posting anything to this forums: InvoicePlane Wiki on how to install

I installed the product on my localhost using XAMPP without any issues…

If this error is shown the application is not installed or the database credentials are wrong.


the set up didn’t initiate, as soon as i enterted the URL/setup i got a 404 error.

so i typed the URL directly and i received the following error…

Can i hardcode the DB details?

if so then please let me know the file where i need to make the changes.

here is the link

Please take a look at this wiki entry about using a sub directory (in your case ‘invoice’)

Sir. I tried everything. If you want I can give you the server access. Can I please get your email I’d ?

Sorry but I’m not available for help outside this forum at the moment.

Okay sir,

here are the steps that i did

  1. downloaded the file from your website
  2. upload it to my web server
  3. extracted it
  4. changed the .htaccess file so that it can work in the sub directory
  5. tried to access the /setup link but got a 404 error instead
  6. i contacted my web host provider and enabled all the services
  7. still i am getting the same error…

Please help me out sir.

Hi Ankitesh_Jha could you please help me how did you manage to fix that issue i am having the same issue