Customize the Dashboard

Provide options to customize the Dashboard:

  • Choose the number of recent items and overdue invoices
  • Choose a time period to display for the invoice / quote overview of
    • the present Week
    • the present month
    • the present 3 months
    • the present half year
    • the present year
  • Display / hide Quick Actions

Supporter: @gnacho


Just missing “present year”, as showing all the documents from January of the present year (or tax year, which is usually January for most of the companies, month should be customizable as well).

Your list seems to be complete. However, while a separate topic or feature… the reports should honor the time period set by the dashboard as a default. Just something to consider when implementing this to avoid future work.

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Also it makes no sense to see “1 gazillion dollars paid” (all payments ever received) - this field should also be related to the dashboard dates you specified and not “all time”. Hope a new update comes soon. :smiley:

This feature was added in v1.2.0

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