Customer profile and Kind Attention field

Hello again

I got this with some custom fields for clients:
ATTN for me means Kind Attentions and To Whom It May Concern.
Very often I need to issue my invoice to the Registered Office for the client but I need to print the details of people or office in charge with checking my invoice and make the payment.

Custom fields are fine for the moment but maybe can be a good idea for an official feature for IP V2.

Since sometime the Attn-Office is the same but people in charge can change, it could be nice to have the Attn-details like the “default terms” and “pdf footer”.
I mean I can store some general details when I create the client but I can adjust something before I store an invoice.

It’s just an idea. I hope you find this interesting.

Thanks for your time

Kindest regards, gsolina

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